Ghetto Gaggers Cleopatra Jones

Extreme Interracial Face Fucking Video Of Cleopatra Jones On Ghetto Gaggers

Cleopatra Jones is a hoodrat ho with an alright face, but the body of a football player. She'd done some vanilla porn shoots here and there, complete with cock dodging and fake moans, but she's never been exposed to a site that specializes in REAL interracial face fucking. Duke Skywalker and the Ghetto Gaggers crew took the time to give her an experience she'd never forget.

Cleopatra Jones thought she'd make this scene easy by cock dodging the meaty white dicks, but that plan was doomed to fail. Big Red and Bootleg finally got her head to stay still as they pushed their white peckers down her black throat. As they pushed deeper and deeper, her Creole cuisine flew out of her mouth, making a true mess.

Once they'd assisted her in purging herself of her lunch in an attempt to help her control her weight, the crew did what all men should do when a woman lets herself go: They used a marker to point out her flaws, excess fat deposits and general areas that need improvement. That took her diva like attitude down to that of a shy fat girl on the first day of work at a premier fashion magazine.

They bent her fat black ass over the couch and went to work, drilling her asshole hard and deep. She had her hole gaped as spits, slaps and choke holds were applied at a frenzied pace. As her mouth was held open with a speculum and food was forced down her throat, she couldn't take it anymore. Cleopatra Jones called it quits, but came back out to get her salty semen shower, as she genuinely needed to be cooled down. Something tells me you've seen Cleopatra Jones' first and last extreme interracial porn scene, thanks to the Ghetto Gaggers crew.

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